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You cannot combine rewards card with the One Year of Readings Package. Also cannot be combined with gift cards or gift certificates or readings purchased prior. Discounted readings will not count toward rewards.

One Year of Readings

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Here you can purchase in advance A years worth of Tarot readings. These are 30 minute readings by phone, in person, via email, or via facebook or gchat. The limit is no more than one reading per calendar month with no less than 28 days between readings for no more than 12 consecutive months and must be used within a year from the date of purchase (i.e. purchase date is 10/1/13 expiration date is 9/01/2014) There will be no rollovers. Anything beyond the 30 minutes will be billed as such and will not be deducted from your balance unless express permission is given. All permissions are subject to approval and at the discretion of Aly. All readings are subject to scheduling and approval. Time slots are not guaranteed. If you schedule a reading and do not call or show up without due notice (due notice is subject of discretion) the missed appointment will count as a reading and will be deducted from your total package. If Aly needs to reschedule, she will do so at her own discretion and the rescheduled reading will not be deducted from the package. This package and all readings are non-transferable. Be careful when booking a reading for the end of the calendar month in case of need to reschedule and will be subject to the terms of the limitations if it is rescheduled for the following month. Not to be used towards Parties or any other service or item on the site. There are no refunds for this purchase so please read carefully. All sales and promotions are excluded. Intuitive Tarot by Aly,, and Aly cannot guarantee satisfaction or success and neither will they be held liable for any action resulting from said reading/readings. The price of this package is $300 which is up to 12 readings total at the discounted rate of only $25 per half hour reading. You will receive an invoice after each reading showing your remaining package balance and months still available therein.