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Basic ways this works. If you have additional questions please contact me.
The Tarot readings I provide are a full Wheel of the Year spread for individuals. That includes thirteen cards, one for each lunar month plus up to as many intuitive picks as necessary and am able to fit in the allotted time frame. Other types of sessions are at the same rate. 

Tarot Readings and Metaphysical and Astrological services for individuals, couples, parties, in person, by phone or online via chat or email or Skype

  The readings offered here are simply called Tarot readings but the Tarot cards for me are just a tool. The truth is that it's far more complicated than that. The types of readings I give are individual and unique and unique to the individual. I read energy, life path, and fate as well as reading the person's individual circumstances whether it be past, present, or future. Rarely does a person who's crossed the veil come through for me during a reading although that too may happen. My cards are a way for me to organize my thoughts and put a tangible, visible object in place to express what comes through me. It does sound vague and mysterious but what I do is very hard to explain even to another reader. However, I will not start by prodding you for birthdates, names, or any telling things. If you'd wish to share during a reading that's fine but I prefer to tell you what I see before any interjections are made. This isn't just for the wow factor but also, too much knowledge of a person distracts from the real truth. I do not want to put my logical brain into a reading since my readings can be more oracular. I generally like to do readings based on present day needs and situations that can be more helpful in your present life while uncovering what needs to be done, what cycles need to be broken, which obstacles are in place, etc. so that you can find your correct path that will lead you to the future you are meant to be in. 

 The readings I provide for couples can be the Wheel of the Year which is for both together or The Heart spread which is six cards each and three intuitive cards in the center for both and can take up to an hour

Intuitive cards are cards I choose soley on my intuition that are used to clarify a basic spread. I use the Mythic Tarot which are based on the greek myths and cover a broader spectrum of the human condition and a deeper psychological connection can be made with them. Below is a picture of some of those cards.   


 I also use the Spiral Tarot Deck, The Ana Cortez Alchemy Deck and the I Ching the Rider Waite and others and sometimes incorporate a pendulum or throwing stones. Very rarely do I use Runes or a crystal ball. 

When receiving a reading via email you may send a photo of yourself. It is not necessary but may be helpful. Also if you have a specific question or area of your life you wish to concentrate on you may send that too though that too isn't required.



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All readings and advice given are for entertainment purposes only. Intuitive Psychic Tarot by Aly and/or Aly does not guarantee accuracy nor make claim to have athourity to give financial or marital advice. Whatever the Buyer does as a result of said reading is at their own risk and discretion.

All parties require a deposit. Refunds are only given if said party is cancelled in a timely manner as specified on the website. Do not put a deposit on a party if you have not confirmed the date FIRST.

Any purchase of "spell kits" is at the sole discretion of the buyer. Intuitive Tarot by Aly and/or Aly makes no claim and takes no responsibility as to the performance, validity, karma, use, and any other things associated with this product. Intuitive Tarot by Aly and/or Aly does not perform "spells" or make claim to and does not endorse illegal or immoral acts or perform or claim to perform these services for the buyer.