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About Me


 My name is Alyssia, Aly for short. I have been a Tarot Reader for twenty years. This gift of intuition and other psychic gifts that I possess are passed down in my family on both sides.

        I have been doing readings for over 20 years. Professionally for over 15 years. I have done hundreds upon hundreds of readings and dozens of large events.

      I used to read in Salem, Ma but I have moved to Haverhill to settle down . I am a Tarot Master and  I am also an ordained minister and certified in the Law of Attraction. I am currently studying for my P.H.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.

     I pride myself on honesty so will not lie to someone and tell them what they want to hear during a reading, enable people to become dependant on my readings, and I will never exploit the confidences people have shared. If I'm not feeling the connection between us so I can give you a true reading I will simply give you your money back and refer you to someone else whom I trust. I want you to be satisfied.

  Tarot cards are just a tool and your future is not set in stone. Life is filled with choices and people may be torn or influenced in their decisions. Fate does have a hand in our lives but does not control it. I am just here to help you see those choices and where they may lead, help you remove obstacles in your path that you may not even realize are there, change destructive or ineffectual patterns, find a worthwhile relationship, recognize your soulmate and maybe cheat fate a little. 

 I also offer different types of sessions such as Spiritual Counseling, Energy Reading and Clearing, Life Path Readings, Life Path Coaching, Psychic Readings, i Ching and a standard reading may include a bit of each.